Rant on Post-Dungeon Quest Turn-Ins Shortcut

Was just finishing a dungeon run today and had some quest turn-ins at the front. They popped the queue again, and I asked them to give me a minute while heading back. Someone in the group tells me “Just teleport out and back in.” I proceeded to explain how that has rarely worked well in my favor. I typically would try and teleport out and back in to find the group has disbanded after the loading screen before I could return. Within 5 seconds of saying this, the group had disbanded already. Told you so!

The Trial Account Player & Squirrels

One of my favorite times in WoW was when I was heading into Loch Modan. I met a person heading along the path from Dun Morogh. We started talking and decided to group up and kill troggs. We killed quite a few of the creatures.

During the outing, I mentioned how I have a rather strange fear of squirrels. The fellow traveler started slaying EVERY squirrel that we came across! He saved me from them!

We sadly had to depart in Thelsamar. I added him to my friends list to find out he was a trial account player. I have not seen him since, but if you are out there–please return and thank you for saving my life that night!