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Hello, I am Frazley Sparkspan! I am The Awesome Gnome in World of Warcraft.


Battletag: Frazley#1711
Discord: Frazley#1711
 on Aerie Peak US
Living in: Ironforge

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A podcast by a Blizzard fan-gnome about World of Warcraft & geeky stuff. Each week I interview guests from around Azeroth & Beyond!

Dear Frazley

Your 2 Copper Newspaper Advice Column

Be Great TODAY

Weekly Inspiration to start your week.

The Frazley Report

A short news report by The Awesome Gnome to deliver Your World of Warcraft News!

The Miscellaneous Podcast

A title that says it all!

Stories Around Azeroth

Join TitansCreed and Frazley as they discuss the latest goings on in and around Azeroth and the World of Warcraft.