Frazley’s Backstory


Frazley Sparkspan has always tried to be themselves. Be a unique Gnome, aiming to encourage those around them. One of the reasons why is because Frazley has a secret—well not really a secret, but Frazley can get nervous, scared, and all the other adjectives for anxiety.

In Gnomeregan Tech, Frazley got the name Frazl, because they can get—well Frazzled when things aren’t going right. Things usually tend to break in some way, Frazley suspects it could be Old Gods’ influence, as it can no longer be Fel Corruption because the Legion is destroyed. But regardless, Frazley likes to show anyone can achieve what they are motivated to do—it just may take a lot of trial and error to get there.

Frazley loves connecting with other people. Making them facepalm, making them laugh and hopefully making their day better. That is why Frazley uses the vast Gnome communications network to send out their weekly reports, along with broadcasting their adventures LIVE and all of the other things they do each week. To hopefully be a shining light in a world that needs each of us to make it a better place.

The moniker of the Awesome Gnome is because Frazley wants to be the best they can be and wants to encourage everyone else to Be Awesome! Each individual has so much to offer the world, a unique style and it just takes embracing the awesome inside of them. Frazley struggles a lot with imposter’s syndrome and feeling inferior sometimes, so encouragement is greatly appreciated—and that is why Frazley does his best to encourage others as well!

Lastly, Squirrels—are just plain evil. They are secretly plotting to take over the world. Frazley tries to warn others of the dangers, but few seem to listen. Squirrels just seem to want to distract us, and they are smarter than we think!

This backstory will continue to grow over time, but thanks to the encouragement of Toshmifune, it has been penned for the first draft.

My Published Song

I am very much into encouraging others to be creative. I myself have a lot of creative endeavors. Did you know I have a song that I published?

Get out there and work on your song, art, podcast, videos, blogs! Unleash your creativity!! 😀