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New Podcast: The Frazley Report

I started a new podcast called The Frazley Report. A short news report every Friday by The Awesome Gnome. Frazley Sparkspan delivers the latest news about the world of Azeroth. You can hear the latest report on both this feed and rebroadcasted on FrazlCast. If you like the show, feel free to rebroadcast in your podcast.

This is in addition to FrazlCast, as both are different in their show format.


New Podcast: FrazlCast

Greetings everyone! I am starting a new podcast called FrazlCast. It will be a weekly podcast by a Blizzard fangnome about World of Warcraft & geeky stuff. We aim to have different hosts each week, almost like a Discord voice chat. For more information on the show, please visit the podcast website’s blog article on what FrazlCast is.

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