Geek Herring Geek Discussion: Hong Kong Protests, Blizzard Entertainment, & Cancel Culture

Geek Herring discusses a politically hot topic this week, giving an overview and our insights into Hearthstone streamer, Blitzchung’s statement during the GrandMasters about the Hong Kong protests. Blizzard had made what seemed like a snap decision to delete the entire VOD of the stream, remove Blitzchung from the GrandMasters, revoke his prize money, and ban both him and the two casters from Blizzard eSports for a year.

Unshackled Fury Episode 60: A Wild Frazley Appears!

In this jam packed episode, Berzerker and Navox welcome the legendary podcaster and streamer Frazley to the show, as they opine on everything from the end of the War Campaign to the future of Azeroth, and beyond. Plus, tons of announcements including new art, new contests, and… a new show? Come one, come all, it’s time to step inside the house that rage built!

Epic Fail Podcast Episode 199: So Long, And Thanks for all the Fish

And here it is.  Episode 199.  Epic Fail says goodbye (at least for now)  in the only way they know how.  Starting and ending in failure.  We’d like to thank everyone over the years for their support.  It’s  meant the world.  Normally, Draven asks if the guest any last words.  As this is the last  show for Epic Fail, at least for a while…  he had a few last words.  Thank you. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for listening. Thank you for putting up with me. Thank you for… well, everything.  Just Thank you.

Epic Fail Podcast