Changes to the Frazzle Dazzle Sites

Been making many changes to the sites this week. now resembles more of what it looked like a few months back, before my site started going to a crawl. A big focus on The Awesome Gnome Letter, my various podcasts that I’m on, and then the blog where I try to make posts like these, musings when I think of them and my podcast appearances.

This site started out as a hub for everything WoW, and I aim to keep it that way. I tell people to go to for the latest things I’m doing. The blog isn’t always updated (I’m on the podcasts, on Twitter and so much more, so sometimes those get higher priority), but I like having a place to put things when I need to.

FrazlCast is also getting a new website shortly. Working on the final preparations for it. The site started when I launched in June of 2017 and since then I felt it was time to redo the website. The site will be migrating platforms over to RadioPublic’s PodSites to allow me to focus on the podcast, and not have to manage the website.

All of these changes are to allow me to better unleash my creativity every week. None of the content will change, just changing how you access some of it. ๐Ÿ™‚