The Awesome Gnome Letter: Never Be Afraid To Sing

So I……was singing in Twitch Sings to things like Uptown Girl and Can You Feel The Love Tonight. Believe me, was very scary doing this. As I realized how much I don’t know all the lyrics. LOL! I know why my friends and family never wanted me to sing karaoke in public.

Never be afraid to sing. Worst case, you make a fool of yourself. People told me this made them laugh, so I laughed alongside it!! 😀 We never grow unless we put away our fear to sing. Our fear to potentially make ourselves look stupid.

I have had many occasions where if I had let fear stop me, I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. I even take on being a fool as part of my schtick. You don’t watch my streams for GOOD gameplay…sometimes you watch to see me mess up!! LOL!!!

Don’t be afraid to sing this week.

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