The Awesome Gnome Letter: Time To Change?

Is it time to change? Don’t fight the tide, go along for the ride. Don’t ya see. When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange. Who you are and what you’re gonna be. Sha na na na na na na na na. Sha na na na na.

For those who don’t know what I just said, here is a moment of TV history, when The Brady Bunch sing Time To Change. This song is so true and this week I made another big change. I switched out my streaming software from Streamlabs OBS to Xsplit. Biggest reason for me is a functionality called Adaptive Bitrate. After a few streams so far, I think I made the correct switch for my case. However, I was very hesitant to switch. I didn’t want to rearrange, I fought the tide. Until I downloaded XSplit, set up my scenes again (you don’t realize how much time you put into scenes until you have to agonize over redoing them in different software!) and then went along for the ride on a stream Monday afternoon.

Software is such a subjective thing. What works for one, won’t work for another person. Sometimes though, I like to look at what software I’m using and see if there is a better one that fits my use-case. I think in this instance, I chose correctly. Ask yourself this week, is your software helping you—or is it time to change to something that might work better for you?

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