The Awesome Gnome Letter: It Doesn’t Always Work

Just got back from my Red Cross Blood Donation appointment. It didn’t work. First time my donation didn’t work right, and I’ve given many times before. The attendant even told me it was the first time they’d seen this happen. Not everything we do will work.

I’m the Gnome of mistakes, accidents, things not working right. In that instance, and with my arm hurting a little bit right now, I felt like I failed in what I tried to do. You know what though? I tried. I’m going to back next time and try again!

Not everything we do will work. Things I’ve tried in the past didn’t work, things I tried in the future didn’t work, but I won’t stop. If I didn’t try this time, I’d never have had the opportunity to see if my donation would work. The people I have impacted in the past are why I continue to return to the donation center. It may not work next time, but I will keep trying. Because, it has AND will work—-just not every time.

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