KuiNameplates & Suramar Guard Symbol


We all love wandering around in the glorious city of Suramar, but sometimes it is good to know when a guard is going to see through your disguise. I installed KuiNamplates on the recommendation of Deadly Boss Mods (which I highly recommend for dungeons/raids). The nameplates have been great—except it can be hard not seeing that a guard can see you. It covers up the symbol showing they can see through your disguise “AN ILLUSION, WHAT ARE YOU HIDING?”

This is due to an issue with Blizzard according to a GitHub issue on this topic. The solution is to install kuinameplates_custom and then install the custom detection LUA (the files addons use for coding) file. This has resolved my issue and now I can walk around undetected! 😃

Hope this helps and have an AWESOME day!